Going forward I will no longer be sharing my successes, accomplishments, failures, and disappoints on social networking medium (ie this blog, twitter, facebook)

For the 2nd time, I’ve shared an accomplishment online,  only to have someone contact decision making personnel pretending to be me advising them that I am not interested in the opportunity (for example, contacting the deans office to tell them I can’t accept my 10K scholarship because I am moving to louisiana)

I can only speculate on why someone would repeatedly do that to me. And I can only wonder how many other things I’ve missed out on that I’ve assumed another candidate was selected.

I have always been very open and transparent on my blog twitter fb etc. But I can not take chances like that anymore. The personal attacks against me are unwarranted. 

Since I have NO clue of who would have the motive to attack my future, any continued online interation will be limited to my crafts and thats IF I don’t just shut everything down all together.

And to the person (I assume its just one person) my life and future are in the hands of GOD. He protects me and keeps me safe from the enemy. The word says he will prepare a table for me in the very presence of my enemies. So keep on hating and doing what u do. However, I will no longer provide you with the ammunition to do so.


  1. This makes me sick to my stomach. How can a person even get the contact info for the granters of the scholarship(s)? I mean you never mentioned that John Doe and his panel of board members, Mary Beth, Suzy Que, etc made the decision to award me. Strange.

  2. Patrice, I am SO sorry that this has happened to you. You are very open and that’s what attracted me to your blog in the beginning. I pray that God will continue to bless you and wish you much, much success in the future 🙂 For whomever is attempting to derail those blessings…..FALL.TO.YOUR.KNEES.AND.START.PRAYING.NOW!!

  3. I am so sorry to hear this. I love your sewing but also enjoy hearing all of your frank honesty. I know that you have gone through an especially rough time lately and was glad to hear about your scholarship!!! I hope you were able to resolve everything and still get it. It is a blessing!!! If you choose to keep things private I understand but hope you will at the very least keep posting your sewing activities. They are inspiring. Good luck on all your future accomplishments and happenings!!!

  4. I can’t even begin to wrap my head around this horror. And it’s not even happening to me. It’s just disgusting. Is there nothing you can do to prove it wasn’t you?? Ugh. Now I’M mad. Peace and Blessings, Patrice and know this person will get theirs.. SMH

    Please don’t shut down completely. Some of us out here do care!

  5. Wow, that is completely crazy! Why would somebody go all soap opera evil on you? That’s like some Stefano stuff for real. I am so sorry that this has hapened to a kind, creative person like you and I hope it stops immediately. People really need to be concerned with making their own lives awesome and leave other people alone.

  6. The human race can truly be so disgusting!! I am so angry for you that I could fight!!!!

    I hope you were able to get things cleared up with the scholarship.

  7. Patrice, it sickens me that there are such evil haters out there that don’t have enough of a life of their own. You have been through so much, especially recently that it was so refreshing for something so good to happen for you (i.e., the scholarship). Just know the battle is not yours, and God will handle this for you. I hope you won’t shut those who enjoy your crafts out, but if you do, I completely understand and only wish the best for you. No weapon formed against you shall prosper!

  8. OMG Patrice. I am so so sorry to hear of this. I have enjoyed your blog from behind the scenes, and I just can’t wrap my head around someone being so evil and to do something like that to you. I do pray that you are still able to get the grant. That’s seriously seriously messed up and I know that being too open is something that we all take for granted.

  9. Patrice,
    I’m so deeply saddened to hear this. I hope you will be able to rectify the fraudulent statement to the Dean about your scholarship. I will keep you in my prayers. I do so much enjoy reading your blog entries. I feel like I’m there when you share your activities and emotions. I think someone is so jealous of you and wants to be you.

  10. Some people are complete idiots. Complete IDIOTS!!!!!
    That makes my blood boil for someone try to sabotage things and want to see that person fail. UGH!!!!
    I will be praying for you.
    Always remember when prayers go up, blessings come down.

  11. That is so F’d up. Can’t imagine why someone would do that! I’d kick some ass if’n I knew who it was because I ENJOY everything (!) you have to say. I will really miss YOU…the you that shines through this blog…..sure, your crafts are you and I love seeing & hearing about them…but it’s YOU: your struggles and passions & accomplishments that I read for. Your HEART.

    Deeply bummed to hear this.

  12. Like everyone else, I am sickened to hear about this. I love your blog and can’t believe that someone could be so malicious to you. I hope that you don’t shut your blog down but if you did, I’d completely understand. God protects His children and whoever is behind this evil behavior will surely get theirs.

  13. OMG who in the Heck would do something so damn ruthless and ungodly. Why would you do something like that to someone.
    UGH and I was so happy for you because that is a great accomplishment. Did you lose it?

  14. Okay I just had to come back and say that this made me sick to my stomach seriously. And the sad part is that has to be someone close to you because I have seen you mention what school you attend not in all the time I have been reading your blog.
    Listen people. Jealousy and envy are weak emotions that you need to overcome. This is why you can not prosper whomever you are because you have made you life about what everyone else has. UGH.. Makes me sick!

  15. You know I’ve learned some people just like to start stuff and hurt people. Unfortunately we all have haters and stuff like this happens too often. It saddens me you’ve been affected in such a way. But don’t you worry. Prayers will be said for you. This is a bump in the road. Not the end of it.

    Be Encouraged!

  16. Oh that’s just wicked. And I bind up that lying, stealing, trespassing demon in the name of Jesus! This is ridiculous. Sorry this had to happen to you.

  17. Are you serious?! I lurk here from time to time but had to come out and say I am so sorry this happened to you! What kind of b!tchazzness is that, to not only conspire against you, but do it in the most cowardly way possible?!?! That’s such a punk move. If the person is reading this, I hope (s)he realizes how small they are. And I sincerely hope you were able to get your scholarship money back.

  18. Are you serious?! OMG! That person has to be really sad about their life.

    And like Carla, I have never seen any mention of the school you attend. I hope you find out who it is. That’s a bitch ass move!

  19. People are SO horrible. They are so jealous of your accomplishments and will indeed reap what they sow. It hurts my heart that people do such evil things.

    You will continue to be blessed….*hugs*

  20. Wooooow! This sounds like the person is close to you. They would have to be to know your full name AND place of employment AND your school name AND identifying information for those companies to access your file and discuss your personal business.

    SMH…just crazy.

    1. This^
      I am so sorry you are going thru this. I hope you will continue to share with us, I for one like rooting for you 🙂 … Hate on HATERS!!!

  21. That is crazy! How could somebody do that to you – I mean, shouldn’t you have to decline in writing? I ‘d be ready to be knock some heads!

  22. OMG!! Patrice!! I sure hope you were able to convience them that you are not moving and you are able to still receive the funds. I can’t understand why anyone would even THINK of being that stupid and low down to go the extreme of doing this. I wish you were able to find out who did it..but I guess I should follow your lead and remember that God says vengence is mine..not Kisha’s. I wish you much success as I know YOU WILL be a success! And please don’t let other people and their UNhappiness get to you. And YES, keep your good news and fortune off the internet since you keep having these issues..and you also need to beware of those that call themselves your friend..maybe they aren’t. I still can’t understand how they would have know the school you attend or even where to call being that I don’t remember you giving that info..but I am 40 so maybe I just forgot. Take care chic and don’t let this knock you down.

  23. This post has me in tears. I honestly can’t understand the motivation and energy behind someone doing things like that. And as your internet friend I will miss hearing about all of the deserving things you are receiving as a result of your hard work, I know that you have to do everything you can to protect yourself and your bright future! Keep your head up, sis!

  24. I was telling my husband about the situation and he says it’s just the CRABS IN THE BARREL mentality and I agree. I can believe someone would do that to you. My philosophy is YOUR EATING DOESN’T MAKE ME FAT. My deeds get me where I am and need to be. These people need to GET A LIFE OF THEIR OWN AND STAY OUT OF OTHER PEOPLE’S. I think it is a shame and I am glad you found out in time. I am sorry that we won’t get to share as we all did before but we all have to learn to protect ourselves. God Bless and continued success.

  25. Patrice,
    It is so hard for me to comprehend why someone would be so EVIL–used by the devil–to try to block your success. This just makes me both sad and FURIOUS…. I am so sorry that this has happened to you. You are one of the most generous people I’ve (never personally) met….I am so sorry to hear this. Tyna

  26. I’m normally a lurker, but I had to comment just to say that I’m sorry to hear this. It’s so horrible that someone would intentionally do these things to you. All the best in the future!

  27. So you know I’m ready to roll to the Lou… earrangs are off and err’thang…

    I cannot believe that anyone would go through such trouble… and hard work to sabatoge someone’s life.

    But you’re right… God’s got this… he will make your enemies your footstool!

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