Lady godiva: the short story

Otherwise known as how I gained a NEW addiction to godiva chocolatiers.

It started when I was in Houston planning my momma funeral services. My Nyra (truly a God send during this time) and her friend meatty went in there to buy some truffles. I had never had a truffle and had never planned on buying truffles. I mean let’s make no bones about it, godiva is expensive. So I’m browsing around the store just admiring all the pretty packaging. When nyra pointed out that they have keylime pie truffles.

I was like “ooh”simply out of my love of key lime pie.while I love me some key lime pie, I know I can MAKE a pie for the cost of about 2 truffles. So Walked away to finish browsing.

I overheard meatty ordering one along with a few orders. Little did I know she ordered it for me. As we left the store she reached into her little golden bag and said “here Patricey, I got the key lime pie for you”. I said “awww thanks meatty”

And baaaaaaaaabey that thing was so good! It instantly put a smile on my face. And TRUST me when I tell genuine smiles were few and far between that week.

I’ve  been hooked ever since lol.

I now visit godiva once a month. And I always get the key lime pie truffles or gems. And I always think of that little happy moment in a really dark time and smile.


  1. I’m glad you were able to have a little sweetness and happiness in those trying moments. I love me some Godiva but yeah, they’re very $$$. I haven’t been in years!

  2. Aww that was so sweet of her, and the way you wrote it…don’t get me started again on your writing skills:) Now my mouth is watering for ONE of their chocolate covered strawberries

  3. Girllll, sign up for their rewards program. You spend $10 and they give you a discount, a gift, and a free truffle every month. I know I’m just an enabler…

    Good friends are hard to find.

  4. I’m with Kamika…the rewards program is one of my best friends. And whenever someone gets on my last nerves at work I tell them the way to get out of the dog house is a gold box! I loves me some Godiva!!!

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