October 10, 2010 is one of those weird days that will only happen once in a lifetime. I guess that just adds to all the excitement of finding out I was pregnant!

We have tried for 7yrs to get pregnant and never had any success, then BAM just out the blue i am SO knocked up! Lol

I will only speak for myself when I post since your daddy will be posting here as well.

But to say I am OVERJOYED is an understatement!

The name watermelon seed is something Im borrowing from your grandma Karen. You will never get to meet her, but i will make sure you know alllll about her. Anyway, she would joke when people were pregnant that they swallowed a watermelon seed. Lol

I am a little over 5weeks along. Symptom wise i am crampy, TIRED, and my boobs hurt like heck. Lol

Hopefully you will take it easy on me 🙂

Love you already,


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