week 14

It has been a minute since mommy has written in your journal. I know i know… bad mommy.

A lot has happened since my last entry.

: on thanksgiving we told your grandma doretha, aunt ladann and anita, and cousins Kelsey and merwyn that you will be here soon. They were all excited about the news.

: your grandpa ardis knows and to say he is excited is quite an understatment. Seems he has been waiting for a grandchild for ever. I will have to watch you around him though, he’s quite the character!

:mommy pledged delta sigma thetha sorority… sorry about squishing you when we had to link up for “get on board”, sorry about all those late nights too. Lol maybe thats why i still cant sleep right at night.

: i have finally come to grips that im not just fat and bloated but you are indeed making your presence known in my belly! I mean how else do i explain 20lb weightloss and all my pants not buttoning or zipping.

: your dad and I have cleaned out your room, now he just has to go in and get the floor stick pin free!

:we have started buying some stuff for you pampers,wipes, onesies… stuff you will definitely need. Its hard to buy when i dont know if youre a girl or a boy lol. But dont worry you WILL be the flyest little baby on the block.

: i need to start taking weekly pictures again to track your invasion and takeover of my body :p

: we also decided on your name too! You are going to love it!

Love always,


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