daddy is here for you

Seems like we’ve been waiting forever for you to come.
Can’t wait to watch you grow, mature and see the person that you become.
Dont worry about nothing, Imma provide for you.
Teach you the harsh truths about life, i wont sugarcoat,i wont lie to you.
Listen to you and help you in every way that i can.
Give you all the knowledge and wisdom i have from my perspective as a man.
Come to me with ANYTHING, and ill NEVER judge you.
Anything you NEED ill get it, ill do anything for you.
No job or material thing will ever be placed above you.
You will see, clear as day, that your daddy loves you.
What you will have in a Father, I’ve never ever had.
I had to grow and become man on my own, i never ever met my dad.
But you dont have to worry about that, because you father gonna always be here.
Ill stand by your side, ill hold your hand, with me there you dont have to see fear.
But you will get punished, if I feel you crossed the line.
And you wont agree with my rules and decisions prolly half of the time.
But trust me when I tell you its all for the best.
Cause life is like school, so imma try and give you all the answers before every test.
You WILL strive, you WILL persue, and you WILL succeed.
And you may fail from time to time, but you gotta believe.
Some things you gotta work hard at, some will come with ease.
Put your mind to it, and with my help, what you do will be achieved.
You are my child, and how i feel, you wont have to assume.
This is your daddy. And daddy loves you. See you soon.


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