More bedrest…

And a little bit of surgery.

Tomorrow morning, mommy will be having a small surgery to let the doctors put a cerclage on my cervix.  According to the scans. I have a shortened cervix and I have been having a few contractions. They actually saw one while they were doing the vaginal ultrasound. It was kinda cool to watch how the uterus works.
HOWEVER its faaaar too early to be having contractions. So with that said, little baby take it easy in there. Mommy and daddy are going to make sure your room stays shut until you’re a lot older. That’s right you are officially grounded until late may/early june!

Mommy and daddy love you and we’re trusting that God will give all of us the strength and patience to make it through the rest of the pregnancy. Keep on growing honey. Keep right on growing. Love you bunches!

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