May 1st

So little one… Lets play catch up.

Saturday April 30th, your dad and I went to jcp and had maternity and graduation pics taken. The maternity pictures came out super nice, can’t wait to see them. I had waited so long bc I wanted to make sure my bump was defined.

Well I’m sooooo glad we did it saturday bc sunday May 1st, I kept feeling these gushes of water… turns out my water had broken!

The Doctors have removed the cerclage and I am dialated to 3cm and now I sit hooked up to pitocin waiting on labor too start so I can finally meet you.

While my personal goal had been 36 weeks, im excited to meet you.i just want you to be happy and healthy. I love you baby.

Daddy, is down at the cafeteria grabbing a bite to eat and calling in to work tomorrow. He is super readyto meet his “bun”.

We are both praying for a safe delivery, no surgery  no complications, in jesus name we declare you to be a happy health baby.

We love you…. Be back later with more updates

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