Happy Birthday!!!




Ian Dameion Johnson Jr.!

May 2, 2011 @ 8:57am
4lbs 3oz 17.7″ long
We are extremely proud and happy parents 🙂

Your dad and I can’t stop gushing over you and the fact that you are here. Currently, you’re residing in the NICU but they are taking great care of you.

Labor and delivery was surprisingly not that bad. I pushed you out in 6 pushes. Praise God!
You cried immediately! And continued to cry as the nurses checked you out. You definitely did not have any lung issues little boy 🙂 Since being in the NICU you have continued to be finicky about people touching you… same as when you were in my belly lol Tons of personality 🙂

I love you Ian Jr. And pray Gods choice blessings over your life.

You have added to our family and represent Gods faithfulness. He has done above and beyond what I expected and I trust him forever.

Love you little one 🙂

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