Day 2




I promise it feels like you have been here for 2 months instead of 2 days lil Ian. You have amazed your dad and I with how strong you are.

You spent the first day and a 1/2 in the Butterfly Pod of the NICU. Not once did they have to supplement your breathing. You even took your very first feeding their through a nipple. We have since determined that you really like mommys milk and will barely tolerate formula. Lol they have to fight you on the formula bit. Mommy is now on a mission to make sure you have the “good stuff” for every feeding.

You have done so well in fact, that you graduated to the Koala Pod of the NICU! Its where the big boys and girls hang out in open cribs because they can hold their own body temperatures. Go Ian! Once we get you to fatten up a bit, you be heading home 🙂

Your dad is doing a great job handling you. You seem so fragile in his big hands, but he is so gentle with you. Daddy pays close attention to everything the nurses and I do with you and while he backed away from giving you a wipe down last night, I’m sure he will be game next go round.
Daddy will be returning to work today 🙁 I wish he could take more time off, but someone has to provide for us. Daddy is the best when it comes to holding it down for our family.

I just finished pumping and sending some milk down for you to have. You will most likely get that for your 6am feeding.

Mommy is going to try to catch a few z’s before its time to pump again.

Love you!

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