May 10, 2011



Congratulations Ian!

You are in an open crib now and you have gained weight, you now weigh 4lbs 4.5oz.
You had a little set back this morning but have recovered beautifully.  Your little heart rate spiked to 300 something. The nurses said they threw ice on you to bring the rate down.

So far all your labs have come back normal. And you will have an ekg and chest ultrasound tomorrow. The Doctors and nurses said its nothing to stress about. Some kids it happens once and never happens again. The rest grow out of it.

The crazy thing is me and your dad walked in 15mins after it all happened!

Ian you are a fighter, just like me and your dad. We are strong and we stick together trusting God’s plan and hand. God is always in control and we know he has our best interest at heart.

Mommy is graduating from college today! It took her a long time to complete this milestone. Just like mommy, no matter the task never give up baby boy!

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