Well my little man you are doing Great! Of course you have always been a big eater and you’re switching between boob and bottle like a champ.

You still haven’t hit the 5lb mark yet, but you are gaining weight.

Today we installed your car seat with the hospital car check lady. Its was quite comical climbing in and out of that 2door sports car. Loll we’ll get a 4 door soon.

You have gone about 36hrs without a SVT episode. Hallelujah and Thank God. The doctors have even begun whispering the D word.. Discharge. Seems like if you remain stable, you can be home as early as Wednesday! Very exciting AND scary news. I’ve become quite reliant on the nursing staff. Now it will all be on your dad and I to make sure you are doing okay. All the medicine, heart rate checks, temp checks, will all be on us. Unlike at the hospital, we won’t have all the fancy monitors and computers. Ahhhhh! Lol we will do our best to keep you safe and healthy lil man! We love you!

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