Family Life

2 Months



Boog you have gotten soo big!

You are still wearing Newborn clothes the Carter’s and Gerber onesies fit you perfectly. Walmart and target onsies are still waaay to big for you.

You have started moving. You wiggle and wiggle and wiggle until you get to the position you want to be in. You love sleeping on your tummy best!

You can roll over from you stomach to you back but once you get there you’re stuck, like a turtle. You still have a major bobble head going when we do tummy time and you have bust me in the mouth with your noggin multiple times!

Nursing is going great! You eat every 4 hours and you have ZERO patience when you don’t get the boob immediately. You still spit up after every feeding which sucks because we stay washing your clothes! Lol

You have not had any SVT episodes this month and Dr. Bruns said we can start weaning you off the meds at 8months.

Maybe next month we can start giving you some cereal or oatmeal… just a taste

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