Birthdays & TummyTime



I snapped this pic of my lil man during tummy time. He loves tummy time for all of 5mins, then he is DONE! Screaming and hollering, done lol.


I didn’t sew much when I was pregnant. I was expecting to gain weight and didn’t want to make a bunch of clothes that I would have to alter later. Turns out I lost a bunch of weight (30+ lbs) and I all my pre- pregnancy clothes are too big.

So I’ve been sewing a piece here and there as time allows. For my birthday, I made a cute shirt and some short shorts, well short for me shorts. They actually hit me mid thigh.

I brought the baby when we went out for my birthday dinner. And of course when I have the baby, I gets nooo attention lol. My friends and Sorors (I pledged Delta Sigma Theta last fall) took plenty pictures, just not of me. Go figure!


  1. First off, Happy Belated Birthday! I’m sorry you didn’t get much attention on your special day. I hated when people did that. Lil one is so adorable!! 🙂 And, you lost weight and your pre-preg clothes are too big?! Where they do that at?? lol

    Seriously, I guess you do still have a bit of altering. Especially on those items you sewed yourself. That’s one of my biggest fears. Doing all that sewing only to have to change things up. Of course, it doesn’t look like I’m getting any smaller, so I might as well get started.

    Stay Blessed!


  2. So you didn’t get much attention yourself huh? Jealous of the baby already! LOL! I’m just kidding. He’s so adorable why wouldn’t people coo and cuddle him right?

    Your outfit is super cute. I love shorts at that length myself.

    You’ve lost a lot of weight. I must make it down there again real soon. I’m planning a trip to Florida real soon. So I’m going to squeeze you in there real soon I promise!

    Be encouraged…

  3. Glad to see you back blogging. I have been looking back at some of your old dresses for pattern numbers – go ahead and just mail me the dresses if you want!! Since you don’t need them anymore. Your boy is beautiful – a very good birthday present, he is I’m sure! I have a new blog (below) just started. Stop on by if you want.

  4. The shirt and shorts are adorable! As well as the little man…and Happy Birthday! Don’t worry once he gets past the cute baby stage again all eyes will be back on you!

  5. Yup they have that tendency to take all of the attention lol. Is that the Butterick top or the McCalls?That’s a cute ensemble…I didn’t get any pictures of myself in my me made dress either…the restaurant was so terrible we were’nt in the mood for pics :-\

  6. Happy Belated Birthday!!! … aww look at Lil man man… too adorable. Girl stop trying to be an attention hogger… its only right that lil man get the attention…lol

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