I made soap powder…


And surprise surprise it really cleaned our clothes!

Ian is folding clothes now, and he said the whites are really white!

If you want to try it yourself…
1cup borax
1cup arm and hammer baking soda
1 bar of soap-grated  (I used Caress}

We only used 2/3 cup in a Super load of laundry.  We generally use 2 1/2 -3 scoops.

Normally we spend about $11 on soap powder, but the borax and baking soda  was less than $5. And since we used less it will last longer. AND it won’t irritate our skin.  I am pleased.

Have any of you ever made your own soap powder? How did you like it?


  1. I’ve seen a soap powder ‘recipe’ very much like this on another blog. I haven’t tried it mostly because I guess we’re just accustomed to liquid detergent. I have some empty plastic buckets laying around. I should try this and see if I can convince the hubby to change over.

  2. I wondering if it is front loader friendly. I thought having those would be so cool but those manuals make them out to as delicate as fine china :/
    I too have a liquid habit…i think I inherited it from my momma lol

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