Pumpkins & Coats





I’m working on a new winter coat… Last year I lived in multiple layers and hoodies because I was on line for DST. I had very little time to myself and once I crossed I ended up on bedrest for the remainder of my pregnancy. So there was virtually no sewing lol. I still have a lot of hemming to do, but I’m almost done.

We took the little one to the pumpkin patch… had a great time. Can’t wait until next year when he will be running around with the other kids!


  1. I’m loving the lines of that coat. I kept saying I’d make my own but I think this year I’ll have to settle for shortening the one I have and replacing the zip. Sigh. Next year though, I’m lookin early for winter fabrics on sale as soon as it’s spring!

    Little one is soo precious!! 🙂 Wanna squeeze them cheeks! 😀

  2. AWWW y’all good. I reserved all activities like that until I was sure they would remember that I took them lol. I love the color of the coat. I have a houndstooth one I wanted to start this month, but it might have to wait until November. At least in Texas I have a little bit of time.

  3. OMG, that beautiful baby is getting outta the way…he’s sooo cute! I’m loving the lines of that coat as well.

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