Sewing space update





Since the last post… the table top has been painted and attached to the base with industrial strength velcro. I went that route in case I rearrange things in the future.

Initially, I wanted the base to be those cute cube shelves that target carries. BUT with the little one being mobile having doors is GREAT! He hasn’t figured out how to open the doors yet. When he does I will use something to tie them closed.

I have all my sewing notions sorted into plastic cases I found at walmart. They are clear and have hinge latches.  None of them cost more than $3.

On the other side the open bookcase has all my sewing  books. The large bookcase holds fabric, and my machines. I have space savers with my patterns stacked in the corner.

The smaller bookcase has all my Delta paraphernalia (elephants, photos, pins, etc)

I still need to decorate the walls.

And that’s it, for now. I like that when I’m not sewing it looks like it could be a piece of furniture. This is important bc my sewing stuff is where the dining room should be.

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