Brain dumping

Sometimes it is good to see your thoughts in black and white. It helps me to sort tings out and to process, and gives me a permanent point of reference.

Last year this time we were essentially living out of one room, because we never left the hospital while the little was in the nicu. Today! We hide out in one room with the door closed to catch a breather because that little boy is alllll over the place lol. He seriously wakes up on 12!  Lol

I love him more than I could ever convey using words. He is seriously my miracle. To see him destroy my house is 2.6 seconds is to see God’s grace and mercy in action. Talk about an answered prayer!

Hard work pays off. It does. I’m a couple months into my career, yes career, and I absolutely what I’m doing. When I changed my major to accounting I had no idea that I would enjoy it, my thoughts when making the switch was its a stable industry and I would make good money. In my last few semesters of school I decided I wanted to do accounting for a nonprofit. It’s definitely a niche market.  I was so blessed to find an opportunity to work for a firm that specializes in nonprofit accounting.

I accepted a clerk position, gotta get your foot in the door right. Well 6weeks into the position I was promoted to staff accountant! Look at God work! Lol  I work hard every day but my office is sooooooo cool it doesn’t feel like work. And for that I am grateful, because  had an internship from hell.

Ian and I are doing really good, I think since having the kiddo we are both more protective of the time we have together. Bed time is the golden time o day lol. Seriously though, I love him and most importantly I really like him. We have been through it and under it and submerged in it and … I don’t want to do it again BUT all those “it’s” have forged is together so tightly and for that alone it was worth it. And while I have always thought he was the best guy (except when he was the worst guy lol) seeing him with his son , aww man best thing ever!!  He is so in love with his shadow. Just melts my lil old heart.

And what’s so bittersweet about all of this, is my mom not being here to physically see it, and babysit! Lol She was a huge fan of Ian, liked him from the very start. I hate that she has missed so many milestones in my life and to see her prayers come to fruition for me and my sisters. She would have been SO proud. I miss her a lot.

I am thankful for my circle of friends though… they have been my biggest cheerleaders and tissue holders and shouldercriers, and … its a small circle, but they are mine. They have proven themselves over the course of time. Never a judgment. And they know the good bad and ugly lol. They have truly had my back and helped me to keep going when ish was rough. Though, I’ve made me some new friends, Ian and the Divas are valued above all.

Thats where i am today… That’s all I got… lol

I’ve seen around blog land (I still read) people writing letters to their teenage selves, my teenage self was super and needs no advice! Lol  jk, seriously I’m glad that I made the mistakes I made when I was in my teens and 20’s, especially the late 20’s, they were mind boggling  to say the least. But they have shaped me into to the woman I am today. If I’m going to write a letter it will be to my 30-something 40- something year old self.

It would go something like


Heeeeey girlllllll!

Don’t forget the past ever! Your past made you who you are today. Don’t repeat the same mistakes. If you have to make a mistake make a new one.

Family first! Put them there, keep them there.  This is where you will have the highest return on your investment. I promise. your family is THE life time  commitment! Besides, you will need your kid(s) to love you enough NOT to stick you and the hubby in a nursing home lol.

Make lofty goals, you can achieve them.

Don’t be so guarded when making new friends. Don’t be no fool, but go ahead and open up some. You may be surprised in who you will meet and the things you will learn and experience.

Keep stashing that money away, you won’t always be physically able to work, nor do you want to work forever. Work hard, save hard, then play hard.

Keep your priorities in order. Don’t over extend yourself. Say no.

Become a mentor, find someone who reminds you of where you started and give them some guidance. Pay it forward, be the Mahatha, Dr J, Dr. T, Ms. Fowler to someone else.

That’s all I got, be the best you you can be. Don’t be afraid, be bold and courageous!


Your 31 year old self; P.


  1. This is SOOOOOOO True! Family is the MOST important thing in life AND Accounting is an Awesome Career especially non-profit Acctg!!! I am so happy you are doing well! All the Best.

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