Notes to Boogie

You are 14months old and doing a little bit of everything!

You could walk if you want to but you prefer to crawl and cruise around the house holding on for support.

You can say Hi, bye, mom, dad, and stinky. You parrot after us when we talk to you. You are certainly a chatterbox. Most times dad and I have NO clue what you’re talking about. 🙂

We’ve been exploring the city and exposing you to people, places, and things.  We’ve been to the zoo, city garden, the library, grocery store, walks around the neighborhood, shopping, the movies. Although, the last movie we went to you almost got us put out!

You sleep through the night like a champ, only problem with that is you will only sleep in your bed. Which means dad and I are often running home to get you in bed. A sleepy Boogie is a cranky Boogie.

We love you so very much, Ian. You fill our house with laughter and because of you, we get to see the world through your eyes.

You have amazed us with your development, you learn quickly and at times you get frustrated when things don’t work your way. But you we like that you don’t give up, you might walk away and fuss but you go right back to it.

We love you little boy!

Be the best You that you can be!

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