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Bra making

My name is Patrice, join me on my journey into bra-making. As a member of the Oh so NOT Itty bitty tatty committee, I’ve always had issues finding bras that fit properly. Or, when I did find a bra that gave me the support I desperately needed they were pretty boring.

I’ve sewn for a long time started as a young girl and picked it up again as an adult. While I relished in the joy of making my own clothes, making a bra intimidated me to no end. I’d purchase a pattern add it to my stash and there it would sit. As 2017 rolled in, I decided to stop being a punk and just sew!

Well wouldn’t you know, with my trusty seam ripper by my side and my machine set to S-L-O-W I made my first bra. And even in its imperfection it gave me support like no other bra before it!
Now I’m on a mission to make my perfect bra, one that will keep the “girls” high and lifted up and be cute to boot. Busty girls want to wear pretty bras too!
Who knows where this journey will take me but with a bra made for me by me, I’m ready for anything!

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