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Lacy Lingerie


The Pros:

The kwiksew sew pattern was well drafted. I skimmed the instructions to make sure there weren’t any special assembly instructions before getting started. 

The lace kit used was very pretty and delicate.

It only took me 3hrs to complete the bra and panty. Which speaks to my comfort level in construction. I’m referring to the instructions less. 



This is the 3rd bra I’ve made. And while I am becoming more and more familiar with the construction. I’m also becoming a bit frustrated as I still haven’t achieved the perfect fit. 



I have a full bust and although the lace was very pretty. It was not and is not enough support. I definitely require a sturdier fabric than lace and power mesh. I should mention I used a new supplier for my bra kit. I will stick with bra makers supply going forward. The band and cup fabrics in their kits offer more support. I’m looking for LIFT and Separation and Pretty!

I also think i should order larger underwires to try on my next bra.  I found that the 48’s were too short and  I had to shorten the height of my bra wings to make it work. 

Final thoughts

Try the pin up girls classic pattern again. Use size 40 F band and swap out the 40G upper cup for the bust. 


On my initial bra the only complaint is had was that I needed more cup room to get rid of the 4th boob. My cup runneth over!

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