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The process of sewing

As a full time working wife and mom of 2 young boys, finding free time is a challenge. This year I’m determined to carve out more moments to enjoy my crafts.
Sewing is the most fulfilling craft for me because it’s a wearable garment! If I launder it properly and maintain a consistent weight, it will last for years. Looking at it in that respect the time put into the creation of a garment is well worth it. My process may be similar to other sewers.
1. Choosing and cutting out patterns
Once I’ve picked the patterns I’d like to sew in the near future. I cut all of the out at the same time.  It’s noisy and sometimes I lose a pattern piece and have to purchase the pattern again 😥. But it’s something I can do on the couch after I put the kiddos to sleep. It takes a couple of hours.

2. Next up is wash day!
I toss my fabric in the washer to get rid of the dust and mites and God know what inhabits the containers the fabric was shipped to the fabric store in. Wash, dry, and fold. If I’m lucky I catch the dry as soon as the cycle ends and viola! No ironing necessary 🤗🤗
3. Cutting fabric
This if by far my longest and physically demanding step for me. Depending on how many garments I’m making, I can end up on my feet, leaning over a cutting table for 4 hours. Can you say achy back!?


4. Finally, it’s SEW TIME!
This  is the easiest part of the process for me. And having all my fabric and patterns cut and ready means I can move from one project to the next quickly.
What does your sewing process look like?

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