I went to see Hamilton!

From the moment Hamilton’s opening number broadcast on the Grammy’s in 2016, I knew I needed to see this play. However, because everything I do is on a budget, the $600+ ticket prices left me wishing and hoping.

To fill my Hamilton void, I downloaded the Broadway soundtrack on GooglePlay music and fell even harder for the production.

When I heard that Hamilton was coming to STL. I was like I’m not throwing away my shot! Lol

Initially, I was going to purchase the US Bank Broadway series package. You would get to see 6 shows for one low cost. However, when I went to purchase Hamilton was already sold out and no longer a patt of the package.

Not to be discouraged, I stalked the Fox Theatre website for special ticket releases, entered lotteries, and was this close to begging my coworker to give me her ticket.

But God is faithful and I happen to be his favorite and finally a few seats were released and ya girl snapped one up!

One seat, 3rd row from the rafters.

I was going to be in the room where it happened!!!

Thursday, April 19th. I finally got to see Hamilton with my own two eyes and it was every damn thing!!!

From the costumes, to the diverse cast, to the delivery of the lines. The actors sang, danced, and created an experience I will never forget. I now have the picture to go with the sounds I’ve been listening to for years.

And all for $125.00

Life is about experiences. Some are a bit more costly than others. For instance, paid $40 and some change for floor seats to see The Color Purple (another play I’d been longing to see) at The Fox. I am glad I was able to add this to my collection of memories.

Did I mention I want solo?! Talk about a treat.

If you like to SEE my day you can check out my YouTube video. Of course there’s no video of the actual show because I was NOT about to get put out!


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