My monthly goals for May

May 2018 Goals you plan to fail if you fail to plan - somebody famous

My monthly goals for May was pretty easy to put together. A lot of times I over commit myself to task outside of the home and end up short changing myself and family in the process. So this month i’m trying something a bit different. By listing my goals in order of priority. And I’m actually leading with me. We often times hear you can pour from an empty cup. So I’m filling myself up first!


  • Get a massage (I have a membership that I haven’t used since January)
  • Get a manicure and pedicure to kick off the summer
  • Work out 3x each week.
  • Continue meal prepping for work pexels-photo-275845.jpeg

Wife Life

  • Plan a lunch date
  • Plan a legit date (with babysitters and stuff)
then the hubs will look less like this LOL

Mom Life

  • organize a game night
  • more quality time, less gifts


Travel Agent Life

  • Post vacation deals twice a week on social media
  • Reach out to at least 2 contacts.
Like these really good deals from Carnival Cruise Lines that’s been sitting in my inbox to share

Sew Life

  • Choose 2 garments to make to see Anita Baker! (I’m thinking of garments like the ones below)
  • remember to document the process for YT and Blog content.`
  • Pattern Haul Video



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