Travel Essentials for a Family of 4

Since we’ve been traveling as a family of 4 I’ve discovered that what I consider as essentials for travel solo vs. travel as a family of 4 is significantly different. So, ive decided to share with you my must haves for traveling.

  1. First up here’s what I need when my family travels:snack bags for each of my kids. Snacks saves lives on flights. Take my word for it! We bring easy snacks like GoGo Squeeze apple sauce, fruit snacks, cutie/tangerine, cheezits, etc. Snacks they like but don’t have too much sugar.
  2. Tablets and head phones. My kiddos have duel port headphones. We use these for the times when they want to watch the same videos. You can find the headphones HERE.
duel headphones in action

3. Cleaning supplies like Clorox wipes and hand sanitizer. You have got to wipe down those airline tray tables and seats. Nastiness happens in those seats!


4. Mini first aid kit — because I have boys who like to explore scrapes happen so we keep band-aids and antiseptic on deck

screenshot_20180430-132238_amazon shopping8905671134103661095..jpg

5. Passports and other travel documents. I purchased an RFID passport holder that fits all of our travel docs and identification in one convenient place. I have this one in navy blue.

screenshot_20180430-132418_amazon shopping865966770359858695..jpg

We have been fortunate, our kids are really good travelers. They have been pretty even-keel even when we’ve had travel mishaps like missed and red eye flights. They are entertained pretty easily. Not to say they never lose their shit, but they tend to save it until we are trapped in a car or at a hotel room. I figure at least then they are only getting on MY nerves and not the person in seat 16c.


  • entertaining themselves while mommy shops.

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