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Thrifting for kids

It’s back to school and apparently growth spurt time for my kiddos, which means a trip to the thrift store to update their wardrobe.

My favorite place to thrift for the kids in St. Louis is Once Upon a Child. There a multiple locations in my area, but my preferred location is in St. Peters.

The reason I like this location is because they are soooo organized and clean. The store is actually better maintained than some department stores I’ve been to.

Eli got the lion share from this trip. They typically have tons to choose from from infant to maybe 5t. But once you hit 5t the selection isn’t as plentiful. Not to say you can’t find good stuff, you just won’t have racks and racks to choose from. And if you have boys you also know that’s the size when they are tearing through the knees of their pants at a rapid pace.

With the haul, I purchased 63 items that will take my kids through the rest of summer and fall and paid approximately $230. That’s like $3.65 each article of clothing. It’s also called winning!

Once we have the clothes home, they go straight to the laundry room, tags come off and into the washer they go. HOT water, lots of detergent, can’t have creepy crawlers in your clothes. If you’d like to see my thrift shopping process, there’s a video! And it’s down below (come thru embed features).

Thanks for watching and reading, I’ll catch yall on my next post, which should be sewing related.


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