Sew You Think You Can Sew Pt. 2

Today is reveal day!!! I am beyond proud of my submission for the competition for several reasons. The first of which is that I finally made a bodice block and that bih fits SO amazingly good that I should kick myself for not following through sooner.

basic bodice

Basic bodice block

I followed a tutorial Priscillia Okpan has on her youtube channel Kim Dave. If you aren’t following her you should go do that right now. She has tutorials for basic, bodice, sleeve, skirt, pants and more.

Secondly, I made a full muslin for the dress. Yep, I pressed a thousand 1″ pleats just to test things out. We only received 3 yards of mystery fabric, so I had to use every inch wisely.


I actually sacrificed centering the design on my bodice to make sure there would be enough for a full pleated skirt.

Once I cut into the fabric I had to commit and follow through. But let me show y’all my inspiration for my garment. Nice right?!


Then it was time to get to work: Fabric Cut!


Pleats pleating


Attach to bodice


Take it for a test fit then say to yourself, Biiiiiih, it looks good!!!


Facings because it gotta be clean on the inside too. And and would you choose a sleeve already.


And don’t forget the piece de’ resistance! (I didn’t spell that right but you know what I mean) POCKETS!!!!!!!!!! Pockets make everything better, right!


Yes girl, use those pockets!

Okay, here are my finale photos. These were shot by T. Rhodes Photography at Des Peres Park.




Let me also share my competitors finished garment, which was amazingas well! Tisa of @simply_T_Fashions killed it with her 2 pieces and matching print.

Now, would you like to guess who is moving on to the next round?!

I will be moving on to the final round of competition, going head to head with the winner if the 2nd round. I’m so excited!! Thanks again to Dawn of Dueling Designs and Myra of One Sew Sweet for hosting the competition. You can also watch the replay on the That Sewing Blab YouTube channel


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