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Thrifting for kids

It’s back to school and apparently growth spurt time for my kiddos, which means a trip to the thrift store to update their wardrobe.

My favorite place to thrift for the kids in St. Louis is Once Upon a Child. There a multiple locations in my area, but my preferred location is in St. Peters.

The reason I like this location is because they are soooo organized and clean. The store is actually better maintained than some department stores I’ve been to.

Eli got the lion share from this trip. They typically have tons to choose from from infant to maybe 5t. But once you hit 5t the selection isn’t as plentiful. Not to say you can’t find good stuff, you just won’t have racks and racks to choose from. And if you have boys you also know that’s the size when they are tearing through the knees of their pants at a rapid pace.

With the haul, I purchased 63 items that will take my kids through the rest of summer and fall and paid approximately $230. That’s like $3.65 each article of clothing. It’s also called winning!

Once we have the clothes home, they go straight to the laundry room, tags come off and into the washer they go. HOT water, lots of detergent, can’t have creepy crawlers in your clothes. If you’d like to see my thrift shopping process, there’s a video! And it’s down below (come thru embed features).

Thanks for watching and reading, I’ll catch yall on my next post, which should be sewing related.


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Birthday Girl

Happy new year to me!

Today I am 38 years older, wiser, with a whole new patch of grey hair. I’m still not sure why they are coming in so fast.

I was able to spend the night before my birthday sewing. This was a treat. I went pattern shopping, picked up 2 pieces of fabric at JoAnns and I repurposed an old dress.

This top is mccall’s 7780 made in a golden yellow linen blend from joanns.

This top is certainly on trend with the exposed shoulders and boxy fit.

The other top was repurposed fabric from a maternity dress I’d made in 2015.

I cut the top off and used the skirt portion for my pattern, mccall’s 7779. I had to be creative placing the fabric pieces though.

I believe it turn out cute. The fabric is a printed challis. The back of this too is really fun and has lots of movement.

I celebrated my birthday with family and friends, supported a black owned basketball franchise the St. Louis Surge and also had dinner at a local business Sugarfire BBQ.

I’m thankful for the 37 years that have passed and look forward to an exciting year 38!!

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Dating the hubs: Zipline Style

For Ian’s birthday I purchased tickets to go ziplining at Go Ape from groupon. Due to our crazy summer schedules we had postpone our date until this past weekend.

When we arrived we signed our waiver and got harnessed up by the instructors then began the safety instructions.

After we were all trained we walked over to site one where our instructors walked us through the 1st obstacle course and zipline. Then we were basically on our own. This was different from other places we’ve zipped in that the instructor/guide did not stay with our group.

Because we chose one of the hottest days EVER we took our time. There were 5 sites total and each site had a set of ropes courses to advance through before getting to the zipline. Some were easy some were challenging and others simply weren’t going to happen.

Here I am taking a break on one of the platforms. It was extremely hot and humid. And I’d just finished one of the more challenging ropes. Compared to previous zipline experiences, I found this one to be a lot more enjoyable. The addition of the ropes courses were fun and made the course last longer. Also, at GoApe there isn’t a time limit. You can stay on the courses until they close.

I blogged a lot of the out experience. The link to my YouTube is below.



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