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Birthday Girl

Happy new year to me!

Today I am 38 years older, wiser, with a whole new patch of grey hair. I’m still not sure why they are coming in so fast.

I was able to spend the night before my birthday sewing. This was a treat. I went pattern shopping, picked up 2 pieces of fabric at JoAnns and I repurposed an old dress.

This top is mccall’s 7780 made in a golden yellow linen blend from joanns.

This top is certainly on trend with the exposed shoulders and boxy fit.

The other top was repurposed fabric from a maternity dress I’d made in 2015.

I cut the top off and used the skirt portion for my pattern, mccall’s 7779. I had to be creative placing the fabric pieces though.

I believe it turn out cute. The fabric is a printed challis. The back of this too is really fun and has lots of movement.

I celebrated my birthday with family and friends, supported a black owned basketball franchise the St. Louis Surge and also had dinner at a local business Sugarfire BBQ.

I’m thankful for the 37 years that have passed and look forward to an exciting year 38!!

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I designed for a fashion show!

A few weeks back I was asked to make a dress for a curvy girl who would be participating in a fashion show. I was excited until I realized I only had about 10 days total. Because of the short time frame, I opted to shop for fabric at Joanns. I figured I could physically see and feel the fabric and would have to take a chance on fabric purchases online that may not look the same in person.

So the first couple nights of work (I still had to work my full time job) I drafted a sheath dress pattern based off her measurements (51, 47, 50.5). Made a train using a circle skirt pattern. And made a muslin. The muslin fitting went great then it was time to cut into the fabric. Assembly was easy and I finished fairly quickly.

Only problem, I HATED the finished dress. It was cute in a summer picnic kind of way and not a fashion show worthy way.

So the Wednesday before the fashion show, I ordered fabric online from amazon. Thank God for amazon prime because it save my whole life!

The fabric arrived Friday and u sewed my ass off to make sure her dress was finished for the fashion show on Sunday.

My only regret was not finishing sooner so she’d have more time to practice walking in the gown.

This was definitely a make it work occasion. My girl looked great in the gown and fashion was for an honorable cause. It was a great experience and I proved to myself that I can rise to the occasion when challenges arise.

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Ariya, M7185 & a DIY gown


I was fortunate enough to make a gown for a young lady attending her debutante ball. She was such a gem to work with and has a great future ahead of her. She’s what happens when the village is intact.


Her dress was a DIY project. The 3 layers (lining, tulle and lace) of the skirt were gathered and attached to a bodice that was frankenpatterned together.


The fabric for her dress was purchased from Fabric USA Inc they are a wonderfully responsive company with fast shipping.


I also made my dress. The traditional garb for the Ariya celebration is African fabrics and prints. So I also used a wax print fabric for my dress which is mccall’s 7185. I cut a size 20 and made a small modification ro have a true wrap dress with the belt going around my waist.

gratuitous bathroom mirror pic

All in all it was a great afternoon spent celebrating several young ladies as they symbolically entered adulthood. Wishing these ladies much success in their future.

mccalls 7185

I also video’d some of the ceremony for my youtube channel. You can watch the video HERE. If you’ve ever wondered what an ARIYA! ceremony looks like, you can check it out for yourself.


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All dressed up!

Tonight the hubs and I had a babysitter and a party to attend! Both of those things happen so infrequently that I admit I went way overboard.


I made 2 dresses, his bowtie, had planned to make a tuxedo for him but life was like pump yo breaks homie, so we bought a suit instead lol.





To further commemorate this date night of epic proportions and my “doing too much” spirit, I hired a photographer to do a photo shoot!


We have to discuss a few things. St. Louis has the most disrespectful weather, EVER! All week the weather has been fine. Blue skies low 80s.  I’d gone to the hair stylist Friday to get my natural hair pressed out. A thing to note about my hair. It looks thick AF in its curly state however in reality my hair is quite fine and very soft. 



Saturday arrives, grey skies and rain. Whyyyyyyyy?! But the show must go on.

My hair is perfectly coiffed, we’re dressed, the kids are loaded. The time it took me to walk from the house to the car. Frizz. But I was smart. I brought my comb and flat iron. Instead of dropping the kids off and leaving. I end up re-curling my hair. Because photo shoot. Yes, that’s happening next. 


As we’re taking these photos, every. Single. Curl. Falls.  



Thankfully we were able to get some good shots before it completely puffed up. Shot out to T. Rhodes Photography for working fast!



Now, we are in the car my hair looks like dammit I’ll bite cha. So I tell the husband just take me to Walgreens, I’ll wet my hair down buy a sparkly head band and rock my curls.  Enroute to Walgreens I remember my friend Jamie lives nearby. I sent out the bat signal and she swooped in like a badass superhero whose weapons of chioce was a can of holding spray and a flatiron. She saved my hair! I don’t think I’ve hugged her so much ever!



We go to the party,  we take pictures,  do an interview, chit chat with other people attending, I butcher the words to songs that I think i know the words to but I don’t because the dj is playing the studio version. I quickly realize I’m not as hip as I think I am. 



Ian and I leave and head to dinner at Weber Grill. We order appetizers and an entree. Eat the apps and have the waitress box entrees up. Because, I’m about to be real real here…


The way my life is set up Mon-Fri I’m up at 0630 my kids go down for bed around 1930-1945. I’m SNORING at 2030. Yes, I go to bed at 8:30pm. So, when it’s after 10pm my body is wondering what crisis we are experiencing because there is NO reason for us to be vertical and still wearing a bra. And a strapless one at that.  I totally took it off in the car btw. 



We snag the kids from the sitter and make our way home and to bed.  All in all, great date night! 



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Stripes and Sleeves