Simplicity 4135

Capri’s View D with an added cuff at the bottom

Inside… Check out the fly tab!! My 1st ever!!

I don’t have a serger BUT from here on out EVERYTHING will be edge stitched! Doesn’t it look neat and clean?!

Zipper put in completely by machine (I JUST located the zipper foot that went missing with the manual months ago)

Front all closed up. While they aren’t PERFECT, please know that the construction has NEVER been this polished, and got darn it you better watch your eyes b/c I’m certainly sticking my chest out with these. LOL


Knitted Goodness!

Ok, so.. I slipped with checking the mail this weekend. When I got home today I checked and under the pile of bills (which I promptly tossed to the side) There was this…
Now first off, I knew I hadn’t order anything. Secondly, WTF happened to the box!! (That is what it looked like straight out the mailbox) I opened it to find THIS

(insert CHEESY GRIN HERE) By BeFF Stacey sent me a neckwarmer that she knit especially for moi’ (doing cabbage patch) and it came JUST in time for this latest winter storm!! πŸ˜€ AND isn’t that card the absolute cutest thing?!

A while back she mentioned she was participating in Pay It Forward (PIF) here’s how it works…

You would will make and send a handmade gift to the first 3 people who leave a comment to your blog requesting to join the PIF. You may not know what the gift will be yet, and it may not be sent this month, probably not next month, but it will be sent (within 6 months) and that’s a promise!

So I will be Paying It Forward too! Now my gift may not be knit, since Christmas 2010 would be coming around before I finished something I would be satisfied giving to someone, lol But it will be handmade, and it will be soon πŸ™‚ So if you’re one of the 1st 3, all I ask is that you Pay It Forward πŸ˜‰

In other news… I’ll be moving my little Paypal Storefront to my sidebar and you can also view it the blog I set up for boutique patrice related stuff (a girl has to keep somethings private lol) www.boutiquepatrice.blogspot.com

So that my friends is it for the night! Hope your week has gotten off to a Great start!


Weekend Update.

Good Morning!

I had a good time at the fair, it was a learning experience and I did well $$ wise. I met a lot of fair “veterans” and my neighbors were the sweetest people. According to the Vets, I was well prepared and my display was VERY nice! That made me smile, because I worked VERY hard to get ready for this fair. I did NOT sell out, but it was slow. I think the nice spring weather kept people away (I heard the parks and zoo were PACKED this weekend). I will do another show and I had a great time doing this one!

Check out the slideshow (I didn’t take a lot of pics but I did a LOT of talking!!! LOL)
Also note the Paypal Storefront, You can get your hands on some Boutique Patrice remnants from the fair! πŸ™‚

Have a Great Monday!


Saint Louis, Where Ya At?!

I will be participating in my very 1st Craft Fair this weekend. I would love if you would come out and support, not only Boutique Patrice, but all the crafters that will be in attendance!

Boutique Patrice will be located in booth 34 in the gymnasium near the stage!

The fair will be open to the public, Saturday March 1st 9am to 4pm and Sunday March 2nd 10am to 4pm.

Oakville Senior High School
5557 Milburn Road, Saint Louis, MO 63129

I look forward to seeing you there!!

Sewing | DIY | Crafts

This is why I can’t sew…

Tomorrow is my BFF Nyra’s 26th Birthday! I missed all the festivities this year πŸ™ No drunken karaoke lol. She is a martini fiend, so I’m sending her some Peach Bellini’s. (yes, they are candles)

(sugar scrubs, one of them is Love Spell it smells so good but I ran out πŸ™ I have to get more)

(bath salts in lavendar, cucumber melon, strawberry/kiwi)

Aren’t the colors PURTY!! I can’t stop looking at them lining the shelves in my kitchen!
Why so many? I’m glad you asked… I will be doing my very 1st craft fair in March. I have 3 weekends to get as much as I can done.

I still need to make candles and soap and MORE salts and scrubs and label everything. Along with a bunch of other stuff. I have a SERIOUS list!!!

(sugar scrub can’t remember what fragrance that is.. i think strawberry/kiwi)

(loaf of lavender/chamomile)

I’ve been wanting to sew but right now my mojo is all about wax!!!

This is how I spent (am spending) my weekend, Hope yours was good! Don’t forget the Grammy’s tonight.