The worst thing anyone can tell you is No.

Well they can add some adjectives like Hell No, Fuck No, Bytch NO!… the can fall out laughing in you face then say no.

But the worst thing that they can say is no.

I’m reminding myself of this because I know I’m going to be hearing No a lot, for a couple of reasons… 1. I don’t have an IOTA of experience in the accounting industry other than what I’m learning in school and balancing my own checkbook. 2. Companies want at least a bachelors degree. Which I’m not done with yet.

Ian and I, were talking earlier and he was saying that I have to be bold and confident with my request. He said to be unconventional in my approach to looking for “work”.

So, Todays unconventional job search began with me walking into this accounting firm near my house, resume in hand, with a smile.

I talked to one of the people who’s last name was on the door. Told her what I was looking for, ” an opportunity to assist you in your office while gaining some hands-on experience”

She said i’d need to speak with the other person with their last name on the door. She gave me his card.

I’m going to call/email him in a few minutes.

So while she didn’t yes

She didn’t say No either 😉