Caramel Cable Hat

This was supposed to be a christmas gift for Ian. BUT he asked who I was making it for and when I told him i’d have to kill him if I told him… he still wanted to know. Lol

Soooo, here he is modeling his caramel cabled hat

Btw… pattern is free on ravelry


Wanna know what I’m Super Proud of?

My 1st knit sock ever!!!!


I will admit I’ve been intimdated (read scared as hell) about knitting socks. Was even going to suck it up and pay $45 to take a sock class. Well I’m so glad I didn’t!!

 I found this book (pic below) in Joann’s for $5. Skimmed through the intructions seems straight forward. I mean, I do pretty reading for comprehension 🙂 PLUS the pictures that accompanied the instructions seem CLEAR. Figured it was worth the shot. And look what I made! I cast on Friday night and finished Monday night (could’ve finished sooner but I didn’t work on it consistently).


 Knit on size 3 dpn and I did some magic looping (thx adrienne and utube). The yarn is Premier Serenity sock yarn in Sapphire



are they perfect? NERP!  but they are a major success in my book!! Now to do the other one lol


knitting on 5’s O_o

Since I learned to knit a year or so ago, I have been terrified on knitting with needles smaller than a 7. Too small, too many stitches, too long before you see progress. Well I had a 40% off coupon for joann’s and decided to FINALLY get a needle set and here is the 1st thing I made using the set and size 5’s!!

I lost the pattern a bit during the decreases BUT it looks good to me, lol who needs that extra swirl?

The pattern is available pro bono on ravelry, Hermione Hearts. Next up… The matching neckwarmer!


A few pics…

To keep from being a liar liar pants on fire… here are 2 pics of the sweater I took with my cell.


Front and button holes. ignore the safety pin, I hadn’t put the buttons on yet.


Back and sleeves.

Whenever I wear it I will have Ian take pictures of me in it. But for now this is all yall can get, b/c it’s all I have. lol


AND if you follow me on twitter you saw this pic yesterday. For those of you who don’t. This sign was taped on the door of a supervisors office.


Happy Monday

What’s up y’all? How was your weekend? Have fun?

Guess what?! I finished knitting my cardigan!! My goal was to finish before classes resumed. Classes start today. I finished yesterday. Whoohooo! Toni, I think this means I’m no longer a faux knitter 😉 lol Pictures will be up manana.

Friday night, Ian and I went to see Bride Wars. OMG movie of the YEAR (I know it’s only the 2nd week of the year, but I’m saying…) It’s REALLY good. Better than Sex and the city movie. imo

And that was my weekend in a nutshell. Didn’t leave the house at all saturday OR sunday.

Anywhoo, I hope your week gets off to a good start. Happy Monday!