since i still need my job

Apparently my blog address has gotten around the office. Most people I could care less if they read or not. However since I often times talk about my silly ass clients and sometimes coworkers, and the bullshit ass office politics. I’m going to make this blog private. For now.

Now I like blogger but I’ve been toying around with making the switch to wordpress. Sooooo what I need y’all to to do, especially all my new readers (That means YOU FSD employee) send me your email address. And I’ll give you access to this blog/new post until I decide if I want to make the switch.


And it’s so funny bc I’ve had 799 page loads today @ last check.


color combos

Kelly Green and Navy

Cobalt Blue and denim

Navy, white and yellow

Yellow and white


2009 Goals

Dual enrollment to finish my associates

Introduce more color

Save more
Fund mad day account

Spend more quality time with ian

Living room: new sofa set, flat screen, curtains, pillows, coffee table, wall decor. Chocolate, cranberry, rich purple

Kitchen: paint, new curtain for door, tile back splash, change knobs. Colors: red/white

My room: paint, new shelves, curtains, corkboard, dry erase. Colors pink/green/chocolate

Bedroom: curtains, new headboard, dressers, flat screen, paint? colors: undecided

New tile, new vanity, paint, new fixtures, glaze tub. Colors pulled from tile

Hardwood floors throughout house, add master bath, insulate shed, close in car port,

Treat deck, plant flowers, paint exterior, treat wood


shake a hand shake a muthafukin hand….

Hey yall! How has your work week been?

This has been the busiest non~busy work week for me. Every day this week I’ve come in to work with 1 or 2 things on my to do list. And ended up spending the whole day running around putting out fires. At least they haven’t been walking in to see me thought. I’m happy about NOT seeing them in the flesh. Around the holidays they be wanting to shake hands and shit… *sings* shake a hand shake a hand** I mean there really is no nice way to say ” I don’t wanna shake your hand b/c you might give me the cooties” is there?

We have chucked charter the duece. Ian had to call in b.c something was out and he spent like 2hrs on the phone talking to people in india. He was so pissed. – stayed my distance the rest of THAT day. Lol I wasn’t trying to catch no indian backlash. When he got off the phone he said fuck charter. And come Friday we will have direct tv.

I was up last night @ 3am reading blogs. Went to sleep to early. Ian was sleeping his ass off. I was envious. So I shined the very bright light into his face to break his sleep. I didn’t work. So I pushed him and made him turn over. Lol if I can’t sleep noone should sleep. (Shut up freaky he didn’t have to get up in the morning)
I should have text Adrienne. But she was prolly already up. Lol

I had a meltdown yesterday over work and school. I know I was taking on a lot taking 5 classes and working. My ass makes it to the week of finals to burnout. Lol I got it together after a good cry, some encouragement from Adrienne, SuiteB and Deltapurl and a good ole hug from the hubby.

((Hugs)) to deltapurl

I fixed me some cereal (kellogs corn pops) in a ziplock bag, poured my milk in a thermos, on the drive in to work, why did I realize I didn’t have the milk?! So was dry cereal a banana and saliva. Lol I refused to put my change in the machines here. They are so expensive. F that!

*sings* sleeeeeeep in heavenly peeeeeeeeeace, sleeeep sleep in heaven heavenky peace…. oooohhhh oooo

I love christmas music

I promise y’all this weekend I’m going to put on and take pictures of all the things I’ve sewn in the past couple of weeks.
I have 1 coat, 1 jacket, 1 fleece hoodie, 2 pair of slacks, and 1 short sleeve button down shirt.

You know what I’m looking forward too? Book buy back bytches!! Woot woot. Buy your books online, sell them back to the bookstore= PROFIT and money in my pocket.

My mother in law let the cleaners fuk up her jeans. She asked me to hem them for her. They have been in my car since thakgiving. I keep putting it off, b/c they smell like cigarette smoke.

*sings* all these things and more… that’s what christmas means to me my love

Ummmm what else have I been walking around letting cloud my brain..

OH! There’s a certain professor that should be lucky I don’t know what kind of car he drives. His ass gives a group assignment and paper on the last day of class due the day of the final wednesday. 1st of all, I don’t really do groups like that. I hate having my grade dependent on someone else. It’s the quickest way to get me to cussing someone out. And 2nd the last day of class?! Dude we had 12weeks to do a group assignment. Urbanknitrix you know I was cussing right? Lol

Oh check out this blog,especially those of you in the greater st louis area.


Happy Thanksgiving

I try to give thanks daily for the people in my life. Those that add to it and even those that take from it.


I’m so blessed to have you in my life. We went from hating each other, to friends, to FWB, and eventually you becoame the love of my life. You have seen me at my worst. You’ve carried me when I was too weak to walk for myself. You’ve told me to shut the fuck up and sit my ass down when I went too far. You’ve loved me in spite of me.

We haven’t had the opportunity to create a little one that’s the perfect blens of us. Yet. However, we’ve filled our home with laughter and love. When I whoop on you in scrabble, you take it like a man. And when you beat my ass in Phase 10, you make it better by kiss on the forehead. You laugh AT me when I put on my bounce music and try to dance like I did when I was 14. You laugh WITH me when I start talking shit and turn the filter off. We speak with our eyes, which comes in handy when we’re in public and the hot mess is within earshot. Lol

I’ve loved you since I was 17. And while I might not always like yo ass. I am certainly thankful for you.

I’m laying here typing this blog with my head on your cheast and my leg draped over your legs, waiting to watch the Thanksgiving Day parade… I realize I couldn’t have picked a better man to spend the rest of my life with.

I thank God for you daily

Je’taime. Papi

** Happy Thanksgiving Blog Family **