6th toe monday…

sooooo how many of you saw the karma post before I took it down? Lol hmm figures… all I have to say on that is Karma really is a bitch! But this too shall pass. It always does 🙂

So how was your weekend?

I actually got out of the bed and sewed something! Geaux Me!! Lol I didn’t finish it though. I need to attch 5 buttons and make some button holes and imma be good to go. I can’t wait to post pics in it. 🙂

I’m still coughing and hacking my lungs up but I don’t have the body pain to go along with it, so I’m feeling good 🙂

I twittered earlier that a client called to explain that he couldn’t work b/c he had a 6th toe. I wanted to cuss him, but I didn’t.

I want a sweet potato pie. The whole pie. Just for me.

My coworker is out today (sick) he called me to have me approve this chics case, he sounds like death warmed over.

Shit.. I think they may get to me for a new app before lunch..speaking of lunch I want gumbo and grilled cheese

I watched This Christmas this weekend, I swear the scene when Regina King gets the baby oil and the belt. HILARIOUS! I wonder how many women got fucked up trying that shit?! Lol

Ok hope you’re monday is off to a great start!



I called in sick again today. I’m actually feeling a lot better, I just refuse to let the poor unfortunate souls infect me again.

I just did the 2 Legit 2 Quit hand motions @ Ian. Lol he said ” don’t ever do that shit again” lol y’all know Hammer was the ish!

I don’t plan on leaving my bed before noon. Not even to eat.

Ian is restless and hovering. He hasn’t learned the fine art of lounging. The good thing about him not being able to sit still… the house gets cleaned. 🙂

My moral compass is BROKEN!

I smile everytime I think of how much fun I had in N.C. It was definitely one of the best trips I’ve taken.

Omg! I’ve been playing catch up on Grey’s Anatomy. Started with season 1. Well I’m on season 2 espisode 10. Last night I dreamed I was a surgical intern at Charity hospital and starting crying b/c I kept getting gsw’s and I was tired. Lol I swear those 48hr shifts are murder on your body! Lol

Lol ok gotta go now.

Hope you’re having a great Friday!

IDid you get paid today? What are you buying that’s not a neccesity?


i did it…

Did you?
I voted on my way to work this morning. The line wasn’t long but it took a long time. I was glad I had my earplugs with me. I listened to music on my G1 while I waited. I had to catch myself though a few times I started singing out loud. Lol not a good look.

So far today I’ve eaten a cup of lasagna, 2mini packs of skittles, and a cobblestone muffin. Well balanced breakfast? I think not.

I just took my blood pressure medicine. I needed it a couple of hours ago. My head is killing me.

Last I checked I had 29 unread blogs in my “must read” folder. What are y’all talking about?! Lol guess I gotta read to find out huh 🙂

Ian is a really good guy. Sometimes I feel like I don’t deserve him. Then I realize that, we deserve each other. I think we are a really good match. Except for those time when I want to DDT his ass, or he wants to bust my head to the white meat. Lol

It’s time for lunch, I don’t have an appetite.

I have jasmine sullivan and jodeci on repeat.

A client called and asked if she could come in to see me. I asked her if she had voted. She said no. So I told her no. Go vote then come see me.

Was I wrong? Yep. Do I care? Nope

Aite folks take care.
I’ll talk to y’all. Later, like when we have a black man as President of the United States!


I have a date…

Ok.. so I had this grand plan to sew the weekend away. Well I have absolutely NO mojo. So, I’m waiting for Ian to get home so I can go shopping… for clothes… I haven’t done that is SUCH a long time. But, it is what it is… Hopefully, i’ll run into my lover Mr. Clarence, and before you get all riled up. Ian is perfectly okay with me spending time with Mr. Clarence. :p

OH! speaking of Ian.
Ian deleted his blog… he says it was an accident… *giving his ass the side-eye*. Anywhoo, if you care to, here’s a link.

hmmmm, That’s all folks!

Have a great weekend!!!!

FIVE FREAKING DAYS!!!!! whooo hooo


Happy Hump Day

It’s lunch time 🙂

On a normal Wednesday I’d run out grab something to eat, then head to school for my Public Speaking class. Then finally back to work @ 2:30.

This isn’t the normal wednesday.

I’m skipping class. I emailed my instructor my assignment.

I’m meeting my husband for lunch.

I *might* make it back to the office.

I *might* not.


Happy Wednesday!