Today is not a good day

Good morning yall…

i’m pissed off.

Earlier this week my mother in law called Ian and asked him to bring her to the dr today. She couldn’t drive herself b/c Ian’s aunt needed to go to work and she didnt know if she would be finished in time. So Ian said yes.

This morning on my husbands day off work, he gets up, gets dressed, and leaves the house before me to go take his momma to the doctor. So can someone please explain to me why I got a text from Ian saying….

“we here for the baby (his nephew) not for her. I don’t wanna be here unless its for my kids. If she would have said it was for this I prolly would have said no.”

OK…this is where my pissification comes in…

The nephew has parents. PLURAL a mother and a father. They have TWO cars. The mother works business hours but the father does not. The father works OVERNIGHT.

I’m pissed because on MY husbands off day you have him sitting at the pediatricians office for a 6months check-up on a child that is not his. While this childs FATHER is home doing God knows what with a brand new car parked in the driveway.

Even if the father is “tired” from working last night, the VERY least he could have done was given her the car to use to take HIS son to the doctor.

I don’t like this ONE bit. It would be different if my sister in law was a single mom. I don’t say anything about how she uses her mom, becuase its HER momma. However, I have a BIG problem with HER husband maxing and relaxing while MY husband is taking her son to the FUCKING DR!

THEN factor in Ian and Her husband don’t even SPEAK to each other. HOW does that look.

yea n*gga I dont fuck with you but you gon head and be my bytch take my son to the doctor.