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Thrifting for kids

It’s back to school and apparently growth spurt time for my kiddos, which means a trip to the thrift store to update their wardrobe.

My favorite place to thrift for the kids in St. Louis is Once Upon a Child. There a multiple locations in my area, but my preferred location is in St. Peters.

The reason I like this location is because they are soooo organized and clean. The store is actually better maintained than some department stores I’ve been to.

Eli got the lion share from this trip. They typically have tons to choose from from infant to maybe 5t. But once you hit 5t the selection isn’t as plentiful. Not to say you can’t find good stuff, you just won’t have racks and racks to choose from. And if you have boys you also know that’s the size when they are tearing through the knees of their pants at a rapid pace.

With the haul, I purchased 63 items that will take my kids through the rest of summer and fall and paid approximately $230. That’s like $3.65 each article of clothing. It’s also called winning!

Once we have the clothes home, they go straight to the laundry room, tags come off and into the washer they go. HOT water, lots of detergent, can’t have creepy crawlers in your clothes. If you’d like to see my thrift shopping process, there’s a video! And it’s down below (come thru embed features).

Thanks for watching and reading, I’ll catch yall on my next post, which should be sewing related.



How I flew to the DMV for $11.20

A few years ago I got hip to the credit card miles and points game and now can use my points for at least 2 round- trip flights per year. For a family of 4 this is a big deal! Typically, we use our miles for our bigger vacations (spring and Christmas) to cover the cost of at least one of our round-trip flights. However, in this time I flew solo to catch Anita Baker on her Farewell tour.

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So how do we accumulate points?

We use our credit card for all our travel and miscellaneous purchases. My Southwest card gives you 2 points for every travel related purchase and 1 point for all others. Southwest also adds points to your account on every anniversary.

Now, I will say that we fly Frontier Airlines a lot! From our city we can get to the Orlando area, Vegas, Los Angeles for less than $400 for all 4 of us. We still earn points on those flights on our southwest rapid rewards account. Which we use for destinations that Frontier doesn’t serve.


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We also have a Capital One credit card that gives you points that you can redeem for gift cards, flights, hotels or cash back in the form of a check or bill credit. This card we typically use while on vacation and apply the points to our statement credit to offset some of our spending.

We could earn a lot more rapid reward points if we switched and began to pay all our monthly bills using the card. However, that is still just outside of my comfort level. Maybe one day!

As someone who once struggled to the point of bankruptcy with poor spending habits, I advise you to monitor your credit card spending carefully. It doesn’t take long to rack up debt, which defeats the purpose of points and credit card rewards. With that said, monitor your spending. Don’t buy more than you can pay off in a billing cycle. If you do have to carry a balance on your credit card, try to keep it under 30%. Let me add — I am only sharing what has worked for me.

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I designed for a fashion show!

A few weeks back I was asked to make a dress for a curvy girl who would be participating in a fashion show. I was excited until I realized I only had about 10 days total. Because of the short time frame, I opted to shop for fabric at Joanns. I figured I could physically see and feel the fabric and would have to take a chance on fabric purchases online that may not look the same in person.

So the first couple nights of work (I still had to work my full time job) I drafted a sheath dress pattern based off her measurements (51, 47, 50.5). Made a train using a circle skirt pattern. And made a muslin. The muslin fitting went great then it was time to cut into the fabric. Assembly was easy and I finished fairly quickly.

Only problem, I HATED the finished dress. It was cute in a summer picnic kind of way and not a fashion show worthy way.

So the Wednesday before the fashion show, I ordered fabric online from amazon. Thank God for amazon prime because it save my whole life!

The fabric arrived Friday and u sewed my ass off to make sure her dress was finished for the fashion show on Sunday.

My only regret was not finishing sooner so she’d have more time to practice walking in the gown.

This was definitely a make it work occasion. My girl looked great in the gown and fashion was for an honorable cause. It was a great experience and I proved to myself that I can rise to the occasion when challenges arise.

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Date night dress!





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